Universal Center

We believe that Charity begins at Home. And before stepping forward to help or guide others in achieving their full potential, we must recognize the power that lies within ourselves.

With this end in mind, Warrier Foundation has set up the Universal Centre for Individual Integration. The Centre hopes to create an environment for seekers to find solace and harmony by combining physical, mental, social and spiritual aspects.

The mission of the Centre is to show individuals the path towards integration of their body, mind, intellect and spirit, thus fulfilling their quest for a higher self. This would, eventually, set the wheels moving towards living the gift of life powerfully and moving towards the ultimate truth of self-realization.

Through this Centre, Warrier Foundation is committed to enabling individuals in finding contentment and fulfillment through a value-oriented life.

We hope to achieve this through a series of initiatives that would involve long-term as well as short-term interventions.

Playing host

The Centre will be equipped to host short duration holidays for those who seek rejuvenation, permanent residents who are either needy or seek to find solace in a home. The Centre will also support and house lesser privileged children who are in need of an education and the environment for the same. The Centre will also take in individuals deserted by their families, those who have no place to call home and also those who do not wish to impose themselves on their families.

Transformational Retreats

The retreats spanning a week or two will be conducted by experts to help the participants awaken their potential thus opening up multiple inner dimensions. This would, in turn, prompt effective living. Experiential living and mental exercises to combine the elements of self would set this process in motion.

Knowledge Conclaves

The Centre will host periodical programmes involving discussions on all aspects physical, mental, spiritual and intellectual to broaden our thought horizon.

Other programmes

The Centre will also host cultural events, get togethers and celebrations that will be an opportunity for participants to come together and celebrate, thus fostering the feeling of communion.

Learning Centre

A state of the art centre to host transformational retreats and seminars creating an atmosphere conducive to learning

Health centre for the public

An Ayurvedic centre to promote holistic healthcare, equipped with technology and skilled manpower

Other facilities

A library, computer room, recreation hall, meditation hall and common kitchen are the other facilities that will be hosted within the Centre. The library and computer room will be particularly useful to the deserving children whom we will host at the Centre.

The social sphere

Plans are underway to create open spaces for cultural activities by renovating the temple and pond adjacent to our Centre. We will support the Village Panchayat in upgrading existing facilities such as the local school, roads and other basic amenities towards improving quality of life in the vicinity.

We have also set a very ambitious goal for ourselves – touching the lives of at least a thousand children by enrolling them into our Balamandiram by the end of 2015.

Greeneray and other eco-friendly activities

Our objective is to be self-dependent in our needs. With this view, we envision developing our own cultivation gardens for our natural requirements. At the moment, we are actively procuring land in the vicinity of the Centre to make this vision a reality.

Residences for

Permanent stay for individuals
Short duration holiday for rejuvenation
Permanent residence for students
Participants of the transformational retreats, knowledge conclaves and other activities

Learning centre to accommodate 40 people with state of the-art facilities such as projectors, sound system, a screen, white board and so on

Medical centre

Recreation Hall

Meditation Centre

Library and computer centre with four to five desktops

Common kitchen and dining facility

Facility for sports