A.V.Ravikumar, Managing Director of Flyjac Logistics P Ltd

A part of the founding team of Warrier Foundation, Ravikumar is currently the Managing Director of Flyjac Logistics Pvt. Ltd. He is also the Founding Director of JWC Logistics Pvt.Ltd., JWR Logistics Park Pvt.Ltd. & JWL Cold Store Pvt.Ltd.

Ravikumar’s driving force has been the recognition that his team members and partners are governed by a strong mind and spirit; and from this indomitable spirit rises the desire to be associated with individuals and institutions who create value.

With over three decades of experience in the corporate sector, Ravikumar is a well-rounded individual with a strong interest in art. Himself a singer and comedian, Ravikumar has been instrumental in developing this aspect of the children under the fold of Balamandiram over the years. Ravikumar, is also a Sound Illusionist and has been a part of the Reality TV Show India’s Got Talent.

Delight is the feeling he hopes to evoke in every individual he connects with, bringing alive his philosophy of leaving a spiritual imprint on every relationship.