A S Madhavan,

Mr Madhavan is the Managing Trustee of Warrier Foundation. He also wears multiple hats such as being the Chairman-Emeritus of Flyjac logistics - Hitachi Transport Group, Founder Director of JWC Logistics Pvt. Ltd, JWR Logistics Park Pvt.Ltd,JWL Cold Store Pvt.Ltd, Imagna Analytics Pvt.Ltd, Janakalyan Sevashram,Foundere member World Warrier Association, Past Federation President of Giants International, Past President of Warrier Samajam Mumbai unit and many such community- based organisations. Additionally, he is the Chairman of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan School at Thirunavaya in Kerala that is giving education to more than 1,000 students.

A philanthropist and humanitarian, A S Madhavan has sown the seeds of Warrier Foundation on the grounds of Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy directing us to ‘be the change we want to see.’

Driven by the question of ‘what can life expect from me today?’ Mr Madhavan believes in the philosophy of Aham Brahmasmi – I am the infinite reality. This approach of delving within to seek answers and contentment results in realising one’s power, potential, godliness and wisdom has been the reason for his achievements on a professional as well as humanitarian front.

Mr Madhavan’s bent towards spirituality and immense faith in its success is evident in the way it has been inducted into the DNA of Flyjac and every organisation that he is a part of. And this is an aspect that team members, partners and ex-employees have vouched for.

Mr.Madhavan has been an ardent spiritual seeker from childhood. He did 3 years Geeta Gyana Course from Chinmaya Mission and has been trained by Swami Sukhabodananda as a teacher in Mantra Yoga. 35 years ago, he has been initiated by an Enlightened Master from the UK. He retreats frequently for 7-10 days into meditation for self-awareness and ultimate freedom. He has realised that only from silence through meditation can one get the right intuition. One should act from a space of surrender and without any expectation of ‘doeship’ or ‘achievement’. This has helped him to achieve his vision and goals in family, professional , social and spiritual activities.