Blood donation

Every two seconds, an individual in India is in need of blood. Through our continual camps to boost blood donation, we are able to meet this demand to some extent. We also hope that our initiative drives more such efforts in raising awareness about the importance of regular blood donation by healthy individuals.

With camps being conducted in cities such as Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, New Delhi, Bangalore amongst others, we have been awarded The Best Corporate Company by the Red Cross Society of India, This is in recognition of conducting the maximum blood donation drives by any Indian corporate. At Flyjac Logistics %u2013 Hitachi Transport Company, blood donation camps have become synonymous with every event we host; be it the in-house annual day celebrations, international customer meets, camps in our warehouses, etc.

An individual, a community, an educational institution, a corporate %u2013 blood donation camps can be initiated by anyone, under professional expertise. This presentation, prepared by medical professionals, can guide you through the process of arranging a blood donation camp.

Eye check-up camps

Since our inception, we have been conducting eye check-up camps at schools across the city, expanding to a pan-India level, to identify school kids with vision problems. This allows us to interject at the right time by taking corrective steps so that the child%u2019s vision does not deteriorate further. So far we have covered more than 400 schools in cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Chennai in conjunction with several like-minded NGOs and municipal schools. Through these camps, we have touched the lives of more than 350,000 children.

At these camps, we have arranged for free spectacles to be given to students with poor eyesight. On an average more than 15% of the children checked required spectacles. The teachers of the schools have shared that these children would, otherwise, have been deprived of education due to not being able to read the blackboard. Some of them would also eventually turn blind.

If you would like to conduct an eye-check camp in your locality or village, this presentation can get you started.

Eye donation

Interestingly, Sri Lanka has very few visually impaired people. Buddhism urges individuals to donate their eyes and offer the disadvantaged the gift of sight. Hence, all Sri Lankans pledge their eyes. Thus the country has been able to meet its own requirements, as also support other countries in their quest.

Through our own humble efforts we, at Warrier Foundation, have pledged to make eyes immortal. This can only be achieved when they continue to see this world long after we are all gone, through the vision of somebody else. Through our modest initiative, over a lakh families have been convinced to pledge their eyes. And with each person added to the fold, two visually impaired individuals hope to benefit from the promise of sight.

Artists such as the renowned playback singer KJ Yesudas, spiritual management gurus such as Swami Sukhabodananda, among others have undertaken this pledge to donate their eyes. They have also graciously agreed to distribute the eye donation pledge cards to members of the audience at their events. So far we have circulated more than 50,000 pledge cards.

We have an active circle of volunteers who establish contact with family members of those who have pledged their eyes, in case of any eventuality. In case of death of non-members, these committed volunteers also try and enrol the support of family members in donating the eyes of the deceased. Most people believe their dear ones live on through the eyes of somebody else.

On the right is what a pledge card should look like, and here is the procedure for eye donation should you wish to initiate something similar in your own locality or organisation.

General medical check-up camps

Access to primary healthcare continues to remain a luxury for people living in rural areas across the country. Through our general health check-up camps in remote villages, we are trying to enroll and empower local doctors. We also collect medicines from doctors and pharmaceutical companies for free distribution across the state of Kerala.

Under our programme, ayurvedic treatment is given as much importance as allopathic ones.

Healthcare seminars, free cancer detection camps, bone density testing camps, financial assistance to deserving individuals in hospitalisation and treatment of their ailments %u2013 these are just some of the programmes we have carried out under the aegis of Warrier Foundation.