Environmental conservation and disaster relief

Energy self-sufficiency

We, at Warrier Foundation, strongly believe that nature is our mother and she has to be taken care of the way we would nurture our family. Under this philosophy, we have partnered with environmental NGOs to conduct awareness and action campaigns to sensitise people towards the skew in the balance we are bringing about with our actions. Developing alternative sources of energy for citizens of rural and urban areas is a project that we are passionately committed to and are currently exploring.

In order to promote the usage of alternative sources of energy and reduce dependence on traditional sources, we have built a solar energy system at the Balamandiram in Navi Mumbai. As a result, we enjoy undisturbed supply even when the rest of the city is grappling with power cuts during summer. This enables us to carry out our activities including computer classes without any interruption.

The Balamandiram at Thirunavaya is equipped with a biogas plant that helps us to match our energy needs within the home. This home has always been self-sufficient in terms of vegetables, and with the newly set-up compost pit we hope to match our requirements for organic fertiliser also in-house.

Interestingly, the United Nations actively supports such initiatives undertaken by any organisation with a subsidy of 30% on cost of such projects. They hope to encourage educational institutions and orphanage homes to adopt such methods of energy self-sufficiency.

Disaster relief

Warrier Foundation, and Mr Madhavan personally, has been actively involved in the arena of disaster relief since inception.

Be it during the Gujarat earthquake or the Tsunami, the team has risen to the occasion by actively seeking support and donations from the local community.

At the time of the Gujarat earthquake, we organised mass collection drive for clothes, medicines, utensils, blankets by going from door to door. And people kept giving generously till huge trucks were overflowing. Similar drives were arranged across the country by our volunteers. Community spaces were blocked for segregation of materials collected thus, and the support of about 400 volunteers was sought for this humungous task. In fact, one of our partners in Sri Lanka chartered a flight exclusively with medicines and blankets for the earthquake affected.

Warrier Foundation has constructed a community hall cum health centre at Cuddulore in Tamil Nadu for the benefit of the Tsunami affected. Even when floods wreaked havoc in Kashmir and landslide caused mayhem in Uttarakhand, we have generated public momentum and support in aid of the victims.